Small biz, personal attention

I am a dog with a bone and I wear rose-colored glasses

“A dog with a bone” is focused. Tenacious. Not easily interrupted. That’s me, but not grouchy. 

Rose-colored glasses aren’t just a fashion statement, they are actually the invisible glasses you wear throughout your day that sets the pace of your day, your job & your outlook on life. They are a positive bent when the rest of the world is in dark shades.

I love problems, really! The best part of that is that you can bundle up your:

  • Frustrating website
  • Piece-meal social media
  • DIY marketing nightmares 

And let someone else help you grow your business in the way you have hoped.

Then & Now

Marty Kendrick

six-year old

Life was so simple back then.

The jobs we thought we wanted didn’t end up as planned. Who knew that changes lobbed at us would make us stronger?

Marty McIntyre

Present day

I love what I do. Being small means you, the client, get more collaboration and more communication. This often leads to more creative and innovative ideas, as well as a better understanding of your business and your target audience.

Choose experience, wisdom & calm

Life is crazy enough

When you choose to work with someone new: You want someone to be thorough & get it done right, because they really heard you & have the creative mojo to bring your ideas to glorious life.

You also want someone to have the courage to tell you the truth. After all, you didn’t get to this point (looking for marketing help for your small business) because everything is so great. 

Something’s gotta change, yes? No fear. We can do this!

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